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Testimonials About Lloy B. Johnston
Lloy will discuss your goals with you and create a program that is suited to your needs, skills and expectations.

Programs can include:
Stretching (assisted and unassisted)
Yoga Inspired Stretching
Cardio Vascular Excercise
Resistance Training
Pilates Style Core/ Strengthing
Exercise Ball Routines
Nutritional Guidance
Weekly Workout Follow Up

Lloy is an experienced trainer who adapts her techniques to fit the needs of her clients. She listens well and sympathizes with the aches and pains of those who come in need of help. Her suggestions are very specific. She goes to great pains to be of assistance and develop appropriate programs for each individual.

Lloy has the ability to empathize in a positive ways with her clients and have them perform at their highest level. As the result of her training, I was able to trek to Machu Picchu and through some high spots in the Bolivian Andes. Her encouragement and training program helped me succeed without any physical injuries.

Lloy is a model trainer who can adapt her skills to you and old. She has helped my daughter as well as me. She is a true professional in the best sense of the word.   - Molly Waite

I have been exercising with Lloy since January 2002. My goal at that time was to tone my body and get in shape for my upcoming wedding. I also wanted to develop a weight-training routine that I would stick with. I knew that training with weights was very beneficial and I had tried to get into a weight-lifting routine several times, but it never stuck. I found it boring and was always unsure about whether I was doing it right.

I enjoyed training with Lloy immediately. She respected my fitness goals, gave me confidence in my own ability to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness and challenged me to move outside my comfort zone. In addition, by varying the exercises we did together, she introduced to a wide range of exercises that I could do on my own to prevent boredom and complacency, and that I knew were safe and beneficial. By the time my wedding arrived, five months later, I could see a real difference in my body. I also knew that my fitness level had increased greatly because I could do more than I could when we started -- going from 5 real push-ups to 15, for example.

After the wedding I continued to work out with Lloy until she went on maternity leave. Although I no longer had a specific goal, like getting in shape for my wedding, I couldn't imagine not continuing our workouts. After seeing such concrete results, I knew that exercising with Lloy was a good investment in my physical and mental health.

By the time Lloy returned from maternity leave, I was pregnant myself. I wanted to continue exercising while pregnant because of the many benefits prenatal exercise carries, but I was nervous about working out on my own. Having watched Lloy exercise throughout her pregnancy, I knew that she could help me cope with the physical challenges of pregnancy, maintain my fitness level and help me prepare for childbirth. I have never thought of myself as an athletic person, nor even a particularly fit person. I never enjoyed exercise, but did it out of a sense of obligation and concern about my weight. Working out with Lloy has helped me change my conception of myself and of the role of exercise in my life. The day I took off my shirt to show some friends the muscles in my chest and arms, and got down on the floor to prove how many push-ups I could do, I realized that I was no longer the kid who would rather stay inside reading than go outside and run around, or even the adult who miserably dragged herself to the gym to put in a reluctant half hour on the Stairmaster. I was someone for whom exercise and fitness was a vital part of my life. I am grateful to Lloy for not only helping me change my body, but also for helping me change my view of myself.   - Emily Paster

Working out with Lloy is great!!! She always has some new thing for me to do so the workout is always exciting. She also knows my potential and doesn't let me slack off!!!   - Denise Moore

Lloy Johnston puts the word "personal" into the term "personal trainer." She listens closely to her clients and tailors exercise regimens that are designed to meet their own individual needs. Lloy motivates me and encourages me to get the most out of my workouts. I am usually uncomfortable in a gym setting, but I always feel very at ease when we're working together.   - Amy E. McShane

Lloy is completely motivating and inspirational! I love working out with her we laugh and have fun and before you know it the hours up!   - Liz Rice

To succeed...You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. Tony Dorsett

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